Science Teaching Hub, University of Aberdeen

This was my first visit to the site of the new Science Teaching Hub since lockdown began, and I was pleased to see that progress towards completion is being made. There is still some way to go, but according to the University, the facility will open in early 2022.

Looking in particular at the artistic renderings available online, I think the new building will contrast with the existing Sir Duncan Rice Library, in that it will be a much flatter structure with strict vertical lines and evenly-spaced windows. It seems very restrained and somewhat clinical in comparison to the Library which sits nearby, staring-down, larger than life, with its jagged, coloured glazing.

Detailed information about the purpose of the new facility is available from the University website here.

Building under construction – May 2021

With regard to my image, I felt that the branches on the tree, situated across the street from the development, helped to knock the building somewhat off-balance. Without the tree, the image feels inorganic, and bordering on obsessively repetitive.

The branches also resemble bolts of lightning, travelling downwards ready to spark life into the hollow shell.

Hopefully soon, a new centre of excellence will be born…

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