Nexen Building

Nexen Building, Prime Four Business Park

The south elevation of the Nexen building, reflecting in the natural pond which runs the full length of the building. This is in contrast to the man-made water feature adjacent to the Premier building nearby.

The basic shape of the exterior is punctuated with the seemingly random vertical elements.

Premier Oil New Build

This was my first ever visit to the Prime Four business park, and I reckon that it’s quickly taking shape!

The estate is promoted as a socially and creatively stimulating work and leisure environment, which blends the contemporary built spaces into the natural landscape. Whilst the entire park isn’t fully completed yet, the area in the picture around the Premier Oil building certainly appears to encourage interaction.

I look forward to returning to shoot the site again once the water feature is fully working, as I think that it will bring the area to life as it extends and winds it way past the facade of the building.