The Flickr Resurrection

I’ve been avoiding Flickr for some time now. I couldn’t remember why, until I tried to login, and was inundated with multiple errors, and the need to reset multiple passwords just to get into my account. Once inside the domain, various options and tasks were unavailable due to ongoing maintenance, and so I became quite frustrated with it all.

Before logging out however, I decided to review some of the old images I’d previously published, and was surprised at just how my visual interpretation and inspirations have changed over the years. (I joined Flickr in 2007).

Whilst burrowing into the past, I re-discovered that Flickr quite nicely facilitates searching for images which are licensed through Creative Commons in some way or another. More information available here.

I felt that this was a nice opportunity to have some fun reimagining other people’s work in my own way, without the fear of angry and somewhat tedious exchanges around copyright infringement.

The images are not of the highest resolution, but that’s OK: I wasn’t working from the original files, and I really just wanted to edit some SoCal images!

Thank you to the respective original photographers for sharing their works through Creative Commons.

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