The Barn @ Barra Castle

I had the good fortune of being invited by a fellow photographer to The Barn in order to support him during his first ever interiors shoot.

The weather was gloriously sunny, and the brand new venue, near Inverurie, shone bright. One lucky couple were due to have their wedding there later that afternoon and so we had to grab our shots and disappear before the festivities began.

The Barn at Barra Castle
The Barn – Main Exterior View

The view from the windows point towards Bennachie, making the vista both awe-inspiring and romantic (perfect for that wedding!)

Spacious, Yet Intimate

It is easy to imagine a couple taking their vows in front of such a picturesque backdrop. However, The Barn would be extremely well-suited to other activities such as ceilidhs and corporate events.

The space is large and open, but can be separated into sections by light and airy curtains.

Details and Textures

The owners have obviously taken great effort to create a beautiful environment, and have succeeded, and then some!

For anyone considering a location for their event, far enough away from the crowded towns and cities in order to disconnect, then this is the place for them.

To see further images from the day’s shoot, see the gallery here.

If you are interested in further information about the venue visit the Barra Castle website here.


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